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The Handwriting Club gives parents an easy step-by-step guide so that you will be able to provide experiences that will develop prewriting skills, so the transition from prewriting to writing will be seamless and easy!

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What if you could improve your child's handwriting with an easy to follow, step-by-step proven method? Well, I have just the solution. LHK is a doable handwriting program that takes your child from accuracy to fluency resulting in automatic legible handwriting. You'll have everything you need at your fingertips.


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Get your child to write accurately and clearly in 3 easy lessons.


I attended Nicole’s parent workshop…

and I have to say that it was extremely useful, she had so many ideas to help me help my little ones at home. I am feeling really encouraged to do some of the activities and help them with their development.

Mariana Bastos

I attended Nicoles teacher training…

I thought it was great and very informative, I feel that I learned something useful from this training which almost never happens with other trainings.  learned some valuable exercises that I can apply and teach the children who struggle with handwriting.

Marlene Sanchez

Early childhood development refresher…

Nicole went over how to work with children who are behind developmentally and ways to work with all children’s individual needs when there are times frames and behavioral problems. Her enthusiasm and passion for what she does really engaged me on the importance of going over child development because we tend to forget specific details while trying to meet deadlines and follow class schedules.

Teacher Workshop Attendee

Very helpful and informative…

Nicole’s parent workshop was really helpful and made me realize how we can incorporate everyday activities into developing my child’s motor skills. I can’t wait to do the activities that Nicole taught us and recommended!

Stephanie Acebal

Phenomenal Job…

Nicole did a phenomenal job answering all of my questions, going over developmental milestones and what the best materials for promoting legible handwriting to be better prepared for the school year.

Katya Cabeza

Confident in my child’s development…

Nicoles workshop was very useful, it helped me understand my child’s behavior better through his learning process. I am more confident about my child skills development.

Executive Function Solutions
Workshops On-Demand

Help Develop Your Child's Thinking and Doing Skills!

Time Awareness


Getting it Done!



Working Memory


Workshop Bundle

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Executive Function Solutions

Coaching Program

"Nicole provides parents a sigh of releif with Real Life solutions based in science and over 20 years of practice."

Katie Cabanas, mom of 2 boys

Real Life OT Program

Real Life OT Program can help with any area that impacts home, school (even virtual), or on the playground.  Having parents be an active part of the solution brings about the best results for a fraction of the price.

When families sign up for Real Life OT Program here is what they get:

  • Phone interview with parents to get down to the successes and concerns interfering with daily living.
  • Series of questions specifically for your family.
  • A one on one meeting to review results and recommendations.
  • A “workshop” where we come up with a plan of action that fits into your real life.
  • Personalized daily activities to complete at home for a month.
  • An accountability follow-up session to tweak or adjust activities based on your successes and challenges.

Here is what families are saying:

"We left feeling like we could truly support our son.”

"This makes so much sense.  I wish I would have called you sooner.  I feel like I have a chance of helping my son navigate middle school.”

“This brought me back to what I had forgotten -  my 3 year old needs to play to develop his skills.”

"Yes! My husband and I left feeling empowered knowing we had tools to help our child’s development.

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Meet the Founder
Miami Handwriting was founded by Nicole Santamaria OTR/L.  Nicole has been an occupational therapist for over 15 years with a vast experience in pediatrics and adults.  She is NDT trained with a strong foundation in development.  She is highly trained in fine motor, visual motor, and handwriting skills. In addition, Nicole reaches out to the community with teacher trainings on normal development as it relates to fine motor, visual motor, and handwriting skills at a variety of schools.

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