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Here is what I know, the families that contact me are looking for solutions and guidance.  Most of the time they have been searching for a while!  Mostly because their child may not fit the model of a child that “qualifies” for OT services where they need to see me  2-3 times a week for 4-6 months. So what then?

What I do find is that with that with the right guidance parents can support their child throughout their everyday activities and see some BIG changes. This is what happens during a Real Life OT Program!!!  

When families sign up for Real Life OT Program here is what they get:

  • Phone interview with parent to get down to the successes and concerns interfering with daily living.
  • Series of questions specifically for your family.
  • A one on one meeting to review results and recommendations.
  • A “workshop” where we come up with a plan of action that fits in to your real life.
  • Personalized daily activities to complete at home for a month.
  • Accountability follow up session to tweak or adjust activities based on your successes and challenges.

Rather than pay close to $3000 for working one-on-one with me for 12 weeks, families can get benefits from a Real Life OT Consult that will make real impact and changes for a fraction of the price.

Here is what families are saying:    

  • "We left feeling like we could truly support our son.”
  • "This makes so much sense.  I wish I would have called you sooner.  I feel like I have a chance of helping my son navigate middle school.”
  • “This brought me back to what I had forgotten -  my 3 year old needs to play to develop his skills.”
  • "Yes, we left feeling empowered knowing we had tools to help our child’s development.

Overall families and other professionals are loving the ability to be an active part of the solution.  I am loving it for those that would benefit from a customized home program for any areas impacting daily living skills.  Some common areas are home work, meal time and sensory differences.

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Meet the Founder
Miami Handwriting was founded by Nicole Santamaria OTR/L.  Nicole has been an occupational therapist for over 15 years with a vast experience in pediatrics and adults.  She is NDT trained with a strong foundation in development.  She is highly trained in fine motor, visual motor, and handwriting skills. In addition, Nicole reaches out to the community with teacher trainings on normal development as it relates to fine motor, visual motor, and handwriting skills at a variety of schools.

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